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Please list 2 non-related adults, who have observed you as a leader, or under whose supervision you have worked.

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Fine Print

The WPA Conference, CRM, and Wesley Woods are teaching campers high standards of Christian behavior which are fundamental to a Christian community. Volunteers and paid staff must be persons whose Christian values and behavior are a worthy example for campers and each other. Camping and Retreat Ministries along with Wesley Woods have specific policies prohibiting abusive behavior, alcohol use, gambling, illegal drugs, tobacco, or weapons by staff or campers. There are camp rules about language, music, sexual conduct, and other issues that are important in building a Christian community of mutual respect. Your consent below indicates that you are willing to work within these boundaries, which will be discussed in interviews. All jobs at Wesley Woods involve tasks that make it possible for the camp to carry out its mission: “For every person to grow in the experience of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord”. Job applicants must understand that those who are employed at camp, witness to their growing relationship with Jesus Christ by their words and actions; there are expectations for behavior above the cultural norm. All staff persons are role models for campers and each other.

I understand that my signature authorizes Camping & Retreat Ministries and/or Wesley Woods to check information regarding character, previous employment, general reputation, education, criminal, and child abuse records. If employed by CRM and/or Wesley Woods, I understand that false or misleading information in this written application or the interview may result in dismissal. I understand that I am required to abide by all staff rules and regulations discussed at interviews and training and that failure to do so may result in my dismissal.