Wesley Woods Summer programs are centered around the ministry of Jesus Christ, and the ministry of Christianity. It is our goal to create a welcoming environment that is an echo of the embrace that we receive from Jesus.
Summer Camp is a place for kids to find themselves, meet new friends, and above all connect with God. With programs like adventure, sports, fine arts, special interest camps, little camps for our junior campers, and exceptional persons camp, Wesley Woods has something to offer everyone.
Take a look at our programs and find your camp!
Medical Concerns

Please contact:

Allison Judd at 

Fran Donatelli-Sprake 

If your camper has any medical needs or issues and you aren’t sure if a particular camp is right for him or her, please contact our health center staff before you register. We want to make sure that all campers find the right fit and that we are prepared to keep them safe and healthy all week. We love to talk to campers and parents and want to have the right staff in place who are ready to help everyone have a great week at camp.

Wesley Woods COVID-19 Registration Process
Please plan to arrive at Wesley Woods at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time so that you are able to make it to registration during your window. We ask that you wait in your vehicle until your scheduled time. These registration windows are very brief, but we are hoping for a smooth registration process as long as everyone shows up during their scheduled window. We request that you wear a mask from the parking lot and through the entire registration process until you are back to your vehicle. Our staff will be masked to protect you and we politely ask that you do the same for us. Please remember that only ONE adult per camper may go through the registration process and we ask that you limit your time in the cabin as much as possible. 
Adventure Camp: 3:00-3:15
Airsoft Camp: 3:15- 3:30
Exceptional Persons Camp: 3:30-5:00
2020 Summer Camps
Revised Schedule
Week 1
June 28-July 3
Jr/Sr High Sports Spectacular
Shane Hinderliter
Upper Elem. Sports Spectacular
Shawn Negley
Upper Elem. Adventure Camp
Matt Judd
Upper Elem. LEGO Camp
Corben Russell
Lower Elem. Mini Camp
Elizabeth Koerner
Lower Elem. Sampler
Elizabeth Koerner (NEW!)
Jr/Sr. High ARC Camp (MAIN CAMP)
Ben Bracken
Week 2
July 5-10
Jr/Sr High Adventure Camp
Emily Reed
Jr/Sr High Sampler Camp
Sam Smith
Jr/Sr High Swim Camp
Sarah Camp
Jr/Sr High Mountain Bike Camp
Keith Martin
Jr/Sr High MACD Camp (NEW WEEK!)
Kevin Forringer (NEW!)
Jr/Sr High SACK Camp (NEW WEEK!)
Vicki Forringer (NEW!)
Week 3
August 2-7
Jr/Sr High Airsoft Camp 
Joshua Forringer
EP Swim Camp
Ann George
Upper El. Adventure Camp(NEW WEEK)
Evan Rial (NEW!)