Scott Lewis

Site Manager
Scott came to Wesley Woods in June of 2016 with Wanda, his wife of 33 years. Native to the Warren, PA area, Scott and Wanda returned after a stint in the US Navy Seabees. They have two married children and 2 grandchildren with one on the way. Scott has worked in the timber industry, as a contractor, and in the oil field. Wanda prayed for a ministry position for Scott, and God closed a door and opened the one that led them to Wesley Woods.  

Board of directors

Emily Reed- Board Chair

 Emily is a Special Education Teacher in Warren, PA working with elementary students. Her husband Bradley and 3 year old son Zachary support her commitment to serving Wesley Woods throughout the year. She has been both a youth and worship leader over the years. Emily enjoys working with the senior high campers and has been involved with Wesley Woods for 24 years. 
Emily has been a camper, summer staff member, counselor and lead. Emily took her passion of being involved with Wesley Woods further when she joined the board of directors in January 2020.

Her best memory of Wesley Woods is seeing campers come to camp and accept Christ and knowing that she has made a difference in their life. That is what motivates her to stay involved. So she challenges each of you to encourage campers to come to camp, youth  and adults to attend retreats or events and enjoy the quietness of camp and see the stars that make the sky light up.  

Corben Russell- Board Vice Chair

Reverend Corben Russell is a native of Pennsylvania.. He graduated from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian ministries concentration pre-seminary.  He holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary. He believes strongly in life-long learning and leading by example.  As an ordained Elder in Western Pennsylvania of the United Methodist Church, he has served multiple appointments. His favorite quote is, “if God is everywhere, and he is, then my home can be anywhere!”
Corben’s first experience with Wesley Woods was as a visitor in 2002: “This is where I first met and fell in love with Wesley Woods”. Wesley Woods to Corben is a place where heaven meets earth. “I will never forget coming to this strange place called ‘Wesley Woods’ where no one knew my name but everyone made me feel welcome”.
Corben has been active with Wesley Woods as a participant for several years before founding and leading as the head volunteer for Lego Camp at Wesley Woods, which began 2019. Working with campers is what drives and inspires Corben to join and participate with the Wesley Woods Board. “My favorite part of Wesley Woods camp week is when the end of the week lego building and Bible studies are culminated in a down to earth opportunity to share the gospel message, invitation for campers to accept Christ in their hearts, and concludes with communion”. His personal mission statement is “changing the world for Christ one person at a time”. His vision is “loving God and neighbor so extravagantly the lines blur where the church ends and the community begins”.   
Lori Dellamedaglia- Board Secretary
You know when people tell you to go to your happy place? For Lori that place is Wesley Woods. This corner of God’s country has her happy place since she was eight. She has heard adults share how to live a God-honoring life and come to retreats as a youth where she learned what being a Christian really meant. She had the opportunity to counsel for her daughter’s Pony Camp and met her mentor, Rosemary.  In turn Lori  was later able to dean and have her daughter serve as her counselor. Lori saw her son accept the call to full time ministry and watched both of her children make their faith, their own here. Every time she comes to Wesley Woods, she comes closer to Christ and feels the joy of being a part of God’s family.
Lori joined the Board six years ago. It is her opportunity to share the jewel of Wesley Woods with others that aren’t aware of it. It’s her honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Jesus-loving staff and work for the Kingdom. It’s not always easy. There are many challenges and frustrations at times. Lori stays on the Board because Wesley Woods is more than her happy place. It’s her place to share the love of Jesus with campers during summer camp It’s her place to serve with adults share that same passion all year long. It’s her place to make a difference for the Kingdom.
Angie Vickers- Marketing Chair
Angie has been involved with Wesley Woods since she was 6 years old when she attended Mini Camp. Later Angie attended swim camp, pony camp, and horse camp, too. She was on summer staff in 2018 and she volunteered as a counselor for a week of camp. Angie also spends some time each week helping Scott with maintenance around the camp.
Her favorite thing about Wesley Woods is the location. She loves spending late nights around fires in the pavilions or laying around the circle looking at the stars. It’s so hard to pick the best memory, but one of the great ones was from when she was on staff and there were eight of them sleeping in hammocks at the Point with some of the volunteers of that week. 
Being on staff inspired Angie to join the Board of Directors. She felt especially connected after that summer, and was not ready to give that up. Most importantly, though, Angie believes God has given her this opportunity to make a difference; she believes He wants to use her to progress the ministry He has established at this camp. She has seen how He reaches kids and adults through this camp, and wants to continue to be part of that.
Rev. Matt Judd- Finance Chair
Matt has been actively involved at Wesley Woods for the past twelve years. Serving first as a summer camp chaplain and then for the past six years as an adventure camp dean. He was excited to join the Board of Directors because he has seen the power of God move at camp in amazing ways. The impact of camp upon his family and the churches he has served has been profound and he wanted to be a part of that movement of God. Matt’s favorite memories of camp include racing his youngest daughter up the Super Tower and working with his oldest daughter, who served two years on the adventure staff. Now more than ever, we need young people to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, grow in their faith and live that faith out in the world with joy and love. Wesley Woods is a great place to learn these things. That is why Matt is excited about the ministry still to come at camp.
Rev. Erica Wellner- Board Development Chair
Patrick Fowler- Finance Committee Member
Shane Hinderliter- Conference Camping Coordinator
Rick Larson- Property Committee Chair
Rev. Matthew Blake- Property Committee Member
Jerry Brosius- Property Committee Member