Camps for Ages 8-12 

June 27-July 2
Evan Rial

That’s right! Wesley Woods now offers a Nerf camp! Are you too young for airsoft but want to come and learn some similar skills? Then this is the camp for you! Come make new friends while playing an intense game and learning the basic skills. This camp focuses on our Junior campers age 8-12. Campers will learn to cooperate and work with their teams as they complete missions and objectives throughout the week. Campers are invited to bring their own Nerf blasters or one can be provided for you.

June 27-July 2
Kevin & Vicki Forringer

This camp has replaced our separate MACD and SACK camps. This camp focuses on our Junior campers age 8-12 and helping them learn the foundational skills connected with the different aspects of performing arts.  This is great for those that want to get a behind the scenes look or take center stage all while learning about Jesus! This camp is great for those that have a passion for performance. Different sessions will be offered to help you find something of interest to you as you learn about everything that goes into making a performance happen.

June 27-July 2
Lucas Schwanke &
Kayla DeCristoforo

Do you love being in God’s creation and being able to disconnect from the world?  Join peers who share your passion of the outdoors and dive into Scripture as you conquer the mountains in Northwestern PA. Backpacking campers also participate in low and high challenge course activities at Wesley Woods! This week focuses on our Junior campers that are age 8-12 and will make sure they understanding the foundational skills for going backpacking. Campers will stay in tents throughout the week starting on Wesley Woods property and ending with 2 nights off site on the trail. Must be able to carry a 25 pound backpack on the trails.

June 27-July 2
Rev. Matthew Blake

Channel your inner survivalist with our Survival camp! Learn the essentials for surviving in the wilderness with only the bare essentials to work with. Learn about fire-starting, shelter-building, cooking over the fire and more as you put your skills to the test on Wesley Woods property! We will spend the entire week off-grid and in shelters and tents as you learn what it takes to survive in the Pennsylvania wilderness. This camp focuses on the Junior campers those age 8-12 that are learning the basic skills and may be new to the survival skills.

July 4-July 9
Rev. Corben Russell

Does your child prefer to do more indoor activities? Lego camp is the perfect place for your Lego-lover that likes the indoors but wants a week away at camp! Campers not only spend much of the week building with Legos as they make new friends, but they also will learn about Jesus as they build! LEGO campers also enjoy free building time and a LEGO movie night with their new friends.

July 4-July 9
Rev. Matthew Judd

Our traditional Adventure camp is an adrenaline-filled week of climbing, rappelling, and canoeing! Campers will experience the low and high challenge courses and off-site trips too! They’ll learn to trust in God, in each other, and in themselves through the activities in this Adventure Camp. This camp focuses on our Junior Campers age 8-12 where they will work on the basic skills and gradually advance through the program.

July 4-July 9
Jana Beth Dellamedaglia

Our Fine Arts Camp focuses on the types of studio arts and different methods of expression. Campers will learn to use their artistic gifts to glorify God during their week at camp. They will also get to explore a variety of mediums such as paint, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, and more! Campers will also get to experience other activities that Wesley Woods has to offer. This camp focuses on the Junior campers age 8-12 where they will learn the basic skills.  

July 4-July 9
Keith Martin

Come explore our new Mountain Bike trails! This camp is led by certified Mountain Bike Instructors who will teach you the skills needed to have fun and stay safe on the trails. This camp is geared towards out Junior Campers age 8-12 where they will work on the basics ad advance as the campers are ready. Campers can bring their own Mountain Bike or borrow one from the camp. The campers will be led through devotions and conversations about their experiences to help them gain a better understanding of the curriculum as they learn about Jesus.

July 4-July 9
Shawn Neagly

Score goals, shoot hoops, hit a homerun, and score a touchdown at Sports Spectacular camp! This camp is geared towards are Junior campers age 8-12 where they will work on learning the foundational skills. Campers are able to participate in different sports each day and gain new friends as they learn how to trust each other and work as a team. Daily Bible studies and devotionals will tie the sports activities into the curriculum so that campers will learn about Jesus while doing the things that they love!

July 11-July 16
Samantha  Smith &
Shane Hinderliter

Want to try something new? Want to decide some of the activities you will be doing each day? Then this is the week to come to Wesley Woods. This week of camp is different than our other weeks. Campers will be giving daily options of activities to sign up for throughout the week. They can decide if they want to learn to Mountain Bike, do Fine Arts, Zipline, Canoe, play Sports, Rock Climb, Build with Legos and many more things. Evening activities will be set by our staff but the day time will change based on your campers preferences and space available. Bible study and worship will be part of the daily routine too. Check out this new camp, it may be the perfect fit for you. This week focuses on our Junior campers age 8-12 where they will work on learning the basics of these daily activities.