For every new camper that we welcome to Wesley Woods, we have one wish. We hope that their experience at our camp will somehow alter the course of their little life. We want our campers to grow through their years in the Woods, to experience God in miraculous and personal ways, and to build relationships that will support them throughout their
Christian journey. So with every camper that comes and goes, we do our best to make this wish come true, and sometimes we are lucky enough to see it happen.
Melissa was one of those campers. At Sampler Camp and Adventure Camp, Melissa found the guidance and support she needed to hear God say how much He loves her. Melissa describes her summers at Wesley Woods as some of the most intense moments of her life, during which she realized she was made for something more. “Each year I understood more about myself and my faith and the sense that God had such a greater purpose for my life. I learned that this life had amazing things in store, and that kept me going all year long,” Melissa says. Wesley Woods became a part of Melissa’s life, and she returned to camp as a summer staff member.
She spent the summer serving campers like her, helping to give them encouragement and faith for their journey. Her summers on staff pushed her further toward God’s call on her life, growing her faith and knowledge with fellowship and devotions. “Wesley Woods was where my relationship with God started. This place is the reason I grew up in the faith. After college, I made the decision to take what God has given me into another country and teach as a missionary.” It is a true joy to hear that Melissa met God in her experiences at Wesley Woods.
We want all of our campers to find a purpose and hear God’s call on their lives, whether that call is toward ministry, a purpose-driven career, or any life filled with the hope of Christ. We encourage you to support us in this mission.
Wesley Woods Wish List
Here is a list of items Wesley Woods could use to continue to share the Love of Jesus to children, youth, and adults in a camp setting.
Item                                        Description                                                                                           Quantity  Value  Department  Date Posted
Farm                                       Tractor Check with Doug Woodcook for sizes and specifications   2               ???     Maintenance   2/1/2014
Steel Folding                          Chairs With padded seat and backrest                                              50          $50/ea.  Dining Hall    1/6/2015
Skid Steer                               Check with Doug Woodcook for sizes and specifications                 1             $10,000 Maintenance  1/6/2015
HD Projectors                        High Resolution, Front and Rear screen capable                               2            $500      A/V                1/6/2015
Portable Projector Screens   Front and Rear projection screens                                                      2            $500      A/V                1/6/2015
Digital Cameras                     Point and Shoot type for daily camper photos                                  6            $100       A/V                1/6/2015
SD Cards                                Must be 8gb or larger                                                                           12           $50        AV                  1/6/2015
17 Foot Aluminum Canoes    Rugged, robust in good condition                                                        6            $500     Adventure      1/6/2015
Commercial Vacuums          Any make or model                                                                               2            $500    House Keeping 1/6/2015
Dry Bags                               Used for water Trips, various sizes                                                       10          Varies   Adventure       1/6/2015
Life Jackets                           For canoe trips                                                                                      20         varies     Adventure     1/6/2015