Adult Retreats

April 6-8
Check-in: 7PM
Depart: 11AM
What does being a man of God mean when it comes to your role as a leader? A leader in your home? A leader in your community? And a leader with the resources that God has given you to be a steward of?
Join guest speaker, John Royer of Leatherwood Outdoors, local Pastor, Rick Hamrick, and Wesley Woods’ staff as they dig deeper into God’s calling of leadership on the lives of men.
Stay at Wesley Woods: $86/person includes lodging Friday and Saturday, 3 meals Saturday and breakfast Sunday, and activities and sessions with guest speakers.
Live Local Stay at Home: $65/person includes 3 meals Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, and activities and sessions with guest speakers.
Guest Speaker: John Royer
John Royer is the creator and owner of Leatherwood Outdoors, a media group that provides hunting, trapping, and fishing videos along with social interaction through YouTube and Facebook, based in Clarion County Pennsylvania. He currently operates two YouTube channels, Leatherwood Outdoors and Leatherwoodoutdoors2. John is the sole video editor and publisher of all content on both channels. Leatherwood Outdoors has been featured on the Pursuit Channel in several episodes of the television show Tombob Outdoors “Friends in Wild Places”, and they are also currently featured on Wired Outdoors Roku channel. John has worked for the family business in the oil and natural gas industry by running service rigs, laying pipelines and well tending since he graduated high school in 2003. He also operates a farm with his brother and grandfather raising beef cattle. John has been married to his wonderful wife Danielle for three and a half years and resides in New Bethlehem, PA.
Speaker: Rick Hamrick
Rick is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church, a retired Infantry 1st Sargent in the PA Army National Guard, a  licensed practical nurse, and he once had a job picking apples for a small amount of pay. He is currently serving as the senior pastor at Youngsville Free Methodist Church in Youngsville, PA. Rick is a second career minister, meaning that he took ministry courses while he had a regular job. When he came out of full-time service with the National Guard and working at a local machine shop, he accepted the call to Youngsville, and he says that it has been the best experience of his work life.